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Savopak Oy was founded in 1969. Today, as a member of OR group, Savopak is internationally well-known as a reliable partner offering a versatile range of packing products and services for the transportation and storage of goods. Manufacturing takes place at four production units in Finland.

The main products in our versatile product range are definitely high quality plywood and wood packages. Our wide-range of packaging services has been developed to accompany our packaging products.

Savopak plywood and wood packaging is being manufactured for the industrial and public sector. Special products such as cheese containers are used for curing Emmenthal and cut filler bins for storing of tobacco filler.

Our main exporting countries are nowadays Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Sweden and Norway. In these countries we have cooperating partners managing sales. Have a look at our sales network. Sales in other countries are managed by our export sales personnel in Finland.

Accuracy of the packaging chain is essential for the transportation and storage operations of industrial companies. Savopak ´s boxes and containers are being used to package products and components for the automotive, machine and electronics industries, as well as, other major industries such as mining, paper, chemical, construction and defence forces.