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Plywood packages for large products and components

Boxes and containers of fixed structure are most often used in the transportation of large products or components. Plywood containers are hard-wearing but light packaging alternatives. These packages are sized to fit your products.

Plywood boxes and containers are made up of six plywood elements that are nailed together. Their use is made easier with the help of pallets or stringers.


As an alternative to plywood, we manufacture boxes and containers using hardwood, OSB, MDF, hardboard, chipboard, etc. Let´ s find the best solution for your product! Please contact us.

To optimize the delivery, we offer the following assembly options:

  • Self-assembly
  • Partial assembly
  • Complete assembly


Boxes and containers of combined materials

For the transportation of very heavy goods, plywood containers may need to be strengthened using wooden framework. These packages constructed of combined materials are often used in the transportation of heavy goods.