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Bins for storage of cut- rag tobacco

Together with leading tobacco manufacturers in the world, we have developed bins for the storage of cut-rag tobacco. The raw material for the cut -filler bins is birch plywood with a phenol film surface that meet the FDA/USA §177.2410 and German BgVV  requirements for food hygienic surfaces.

The cut-filler bins are always tailored to suit your purposes.


  • Prefabricated elements  - tailored to suit your purposes
  • Assembly of elements using specific cartridge nuts to ensure tight corners
  • Steel elements for lifting - tailored, many alternatives
  • Steel elements for piling
Benefits of phenol film plywood surface:
  • Hard-wearing
  • Light weight
  • Ecological
  • Smooth and slippery - helps when emptying and cleaning
  • Withstands abrasion
  • Moisture resistant
  • Tolerates commonly used chemicals
  • Neutral, odourless material
  • Not vulnerable to temperature changes


Brochure (PDF)